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by Robbie Feinberg – KFSK Public Radio

June 10, 2013 5:00 pm

The year-long building process for Petersburg’s new library is finally coming to a close, and the building looks to be ready to open on September 3rd. Robbie Feinberg stopped by the site to get an update on the project from onsite construction administrator Dan LaForce.

LaForce says construction of the building is on time and should be completed within the next few months. Currently, the exterior is finished. Windows have been installed. Bathroom tiles and many of the electrical wires have been added, and the crew has almost finished painting many of the walls. LaForce says says the $3.9 million construction project is actually under budget, with only a few change orders required.

As of now, LaForce says that there’s still a substantial amount of work left on the project. He estimates that about 90 percent of the painting inside the library is finished, but work is still left. And he syas the contracting crew still needs to install much of the electrical wiring for the building, and many of the lights and ceiling tiles need to be added, as well. In addition, the crew will also be adding the floor coverings, shelves and cabinets in the near future. But even with that work ahead, LaForce is confident that construction will be finished in time for the library’s September 3rd opening.





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KFSK Public Radio – Petersburg’s new library project is ready for construction. The city started advertising for contractor bids Thursday of last week. With the final plans complete, the architect’s cost estimate remains unchanged at just over four and a half million dollars. The building will be paid for with a legislative grant, private donations, and a local bond that voters approved last fall. City officials expect to award the construction contract in mid-April.

Matt Lichtenstein asked Librarian Tara Alcock and City Manager Steve Giesbrecht for an update:

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What’s next for the new library?

Funding for the new library has been gaining momentum this fall with the passage of Proposition 1 in October and a $500K top off grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.  We have reached our goal of $6.78M!  As we move through the process of updating the cost estimate in November and bidding the project in the spring of 2012  the cost could change so fundraising will still continue.  Here’s what’s next for the new library:

Fall-Winter 2011-2012

  • Final construction documents
  • Preliminary site work

Spring 2012-early Summer 2013

  • Contractor selection
  • Construction

Summer 2013

  • Grand Opening

Click here for more information about what’s next for the new library. 

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