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The Petersburg City Council will conduct a Work Session on Monday, January 9, 2012 at noon in the Council Chambers for the purpose of discussing and reviewing: the site plan of the new library building; financial statements; budget guidelines and remaining fund balance from the Fire Hall/EMS construction project. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

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At the regular City Council meeting last night, City Council members voted unanimously to award a contract for the removal of the existing building on the library site (also know as the Romiad Building) to Rock N Road Construction of Petersburg. The building’s demolition is an exciting first step toward the construction of a new community library in Petersburg. Prior to the demolition effort, Rock N Road plans to salvage various materials from the building starting in January. They will start on the full scale demolition work on March 1st and will be done with the removal, site grading and cleanup by March 25th.

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On Monday night the Petersburg City Council  unanimously approved the final design and site plan for the new library! They also voted unanimously to seek a company to demolish or remove the 30-year-old Romiad Building from the new library site to clear the way for construction to being in the next spring.

Click here to listen to the KFSK news story about the meeting or click here to listen to the Council Meeting.

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Location, Location, Location

When searching for a new home or business, the conventional wisdom is to pay attention to location, location, location.  When siting a library  location is vitally important as well.  We’re excited about the site for our new library – just two blocks off of main street – on the corner of Haugen and Second Street. It has easy access for drivers as well as kids headed to the library after school.  In 2007 the City Council reserved this City owned site for the construction of a new public library. 

The first step in constructing the new library will be to prepare the site and this will require removing the Romiad Building so there is enough room to build.  The City has researched the possibility of moving the building to another site, but it has become clear this would be too expensive and difficult.  

Shifting the Romiad building to another corner of the lot has also been considered.  The estimated cost to shift the Romiad Building on the site is over $200,000. It would also require that the position of the new library also shift, so the library would need to be redesigned, adding expense to the project.   In March 2010 and Dec 2010  public meetings were held to discuss the site plan.    Members of the public and City officials voiced concerns regarding existing utilities, the proximity of the facility to the power plant, minimizing the impact on Birch Street residents and traffic flow. This public process led to the current site plan for the new library.  

So the next step is to  put the building up for public bid for removal, salvage or demolition this winter.  We anticipate this will be a great opportunity for a local contractor.  This important step will pave the way for a smooth and on-time construction process that will likely begin in April 2012.

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Last night, at the regular meeting of the library board, board members voted unanimously to shift the new facility off of the First Street right of way.  Concerns regarding existing utilities, the proximity of the facility to the power plan, minimizing the impact on Birch Street and traffic flow were discussed.  The approved site plan can be seen below.


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At tonight’s regular meeting of the Library Board members will be considering shifting the planned facility off of the First Street right of way. The Board will hear from Corey Wall, MRV Architects and Karl Hagerman, City of Petersburg Public Works director on this issue.

The meeting is Tuesday, Nov 30 at  6:30 in City Council Chambers, the public is welcome to attend. Click here for the meeting agenda.

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Last Wednesday at their special meeting to discuss site options for the new library, library board members voted unanimously to shift the building off of the Ira II Street right of way in response to concerns from neighboring property owners.   Click here to listen to the meeting and view the minutes or click here to listen to a news story about the meeting on KFSK.The site option sketch below depicts the option favored by the board in yellow.

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