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Tune in to the City Council meeting at 7pm on KFSK tonight to hear the Library Board’s report to the Petersburg City Council on the progress of the new library.

Click here to view the report.

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The Haines library is very similar to the one we are planning, so maintenance costs will likely to be similar. Maintenance of the Haines Library has been $2,700 – $5,000 annually since construction in 2003. This does not include heating, staffing, etc – just maintenance.However simply comparing our project to another may not reveal the true costs of maintenance in our own facility. So we are currently working on establishing maintenance costs for the new library with the architect, consultants, and the pre-development program.

Concerns about long term operating costs of new facilities are right on the mark. Failure to plan for these costs is one of the biggest mistakes building projects make. With help from the Foraker Group, we are planning to address the ongoing operations and maintanence costs as early and as accurately as possible.

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